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How to tell your skin type…..really easy!

What you’ll need:

• Your facial cleanser & warm water

• 4 pieces of white tissue paper (like you would use for a gift bag), each about the size of a business card.

STEP 1: Wash your face with tepid water (not hot) and use your regular facial cleanser.

STEP 2: Pat your face dry, then don’t touch it with your hands (that can cause an oil transfer).

STEP 3: Wait about an hour.

STEP 4: Take one piece of tissue paper and touch it to your chin, touch one to your forehead, then touch one on each cheek.

Drum roll please….here’s your skin type:

1. If all the tissue paper is dry your skin is DRY

2. If the tissue you touched to our chin or forehead is moist and the cheek ones are dry, then you have NORMAL or COMBINATION skin

3. If all the tissue paper is moist, then your skin type is OILY

I told you it was easy!

Have a Beautiful Day,

Virginia Alexander