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What Do The Top Makeup Artists Carry To A Film Shoot? 

Ever wonder about the super-glam life of makeup artists to the stars? Wonder what's in those makeup kits? Here is a list of what goes into a Basic Pro Makeup Case. This is what we carry to each simple shoot...

Cleansers, Toners & Moisturizers: these need to be skin type-specific - oily, normal, combination, dry and products suitable for acne conditions (believe it or not, celebrities are not immune from pimples)

Makeup Remover - Facial: pads & liquid

Eye Makeup remover: Pads: Oily & Non-Oily

Bases or Foundations: liquid oil base for older or dry skin- duel finish, wet or dry applied for all other skin ( I use all mineral bases)4-6 shades of each type

Concealor -Highlight: light- medium- dark (I use my high pigment mineral bases)

Loose powder light & dark (Mix at will)

Blush cool & warm colors about 12

Eye shadow primers: dry and cream (light color)

Eye Shadows: neutrals- cool & warm colors. Matte most important, all others are for Fashion/Glamour looks (I run with about 25 to 30

Powder Contour- to reinforce for photography

Powder Highlight: for touch ups

Eye Pencils: assorted colors: Black& Brown are mainstay

Mascaras: Black& Brown Clear (I keep Navy as well)Clear for kids & Men and to use for brows!

Lash lengthener

Lip Liners assorted colors 6-10 assorted colors

Lipsticks: assorted colors 15-20 to mix

Lip Glosse: assorted colors 6-10 make sure you have clear!

Tattoo cover & Color correctives

Assorted false Eye Lashes: Individual & strip

Lash Glue (DUO only)

Brushes: Have a few sets, make sure they are good, they are the extension of your hands! Get a brush roll to keep them in.

Brow & Comb



Eye shadow Angle

Shadow Fluff






Tissues: full size box and mini's

Q-Tips: good ones


Cotton pads

Wet wipes: non scented

Capes: Vinyl & cloth

Eye Lash Curler


Small sharp scissors

Brush Cleaner

Non latex wedge sponges-Sea Sponge small & (large for body makeup)

Stipple sponge

Stage makeup: assorted colors for bruises, burns, black eyes bug bites etc.

Hair clips

Nail polish remover pads

Small spray bottles for water-baby oil-alcohol

Pencil sharpeners have a few!

Blotting Papers

Carmax for lips

Velour round powder puffs

Roll of paper towels

White hand towels

Waist pack for: brushes & scissors & for making your life easier.

Clear bags for each talents makeup to take on set

Sun Screen (they will ask for it!)

Disposables: mascara wands-lip brushes-sponges-use & toss.....

Set Bag: to carry all your talents makeup & extras on set or location

Rolling Makeup Case

and this is less than half of what we need when we do a movie...LOL