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Wow! Thanksgiving flew by! Hanukkah was here...a blur now! Christmas is coming 'round the bend! Next it will be the New Year!

This week's blog is about how to get through the Holidays with some sanity, while feeling and looking great! I can help with the skincare and makeup, but it's up to all of us to slow down and enjoy what's left of 2010. Think of it as the last 2 bites of your favorite dessert.

2010 fashion trends were a mixed bag...straight, silky-smooth hair, tinted moisturizer, a little liner and a matte lip. That's all over and done. For the first of the year, say goodbye to the drab, and hello to the DRAMA! Personally, I like a little more flair in my makeup look, so I'm excited. I want makeup to give me a sexier and more exotic look. Im not a 16 year old girl who wants that Ralph Lauren natural look. Although I love the look on the right person, it doesn't serve me or my clients, who tend to be in my age group, in any way, shape or form.

The looks for now through the New Year are bolder and more dramatic! They're all about excitement and wow factor1  So get ready ladies! Out with the old and in with the new! Here is what's new,“in” and works! And by the way, I only write about looks that work, ladies! Everything I write about, I've tested or tried myself.

So, the weather has been crazy, and many of you are suffering from Holiday stress. Now is the time to start using a foundation primer over your moisturizer and under your foundation. This will keep your makeup looking and feeling fresh all day! Make sure to match your foundation to your jaw line. If it blends there, it works. For winter, choose an oil base foundation if your skin is feeling dry, to help hold in the moisture.

There are two primary color trends to watch this season:

Trend # 1. For the eyes, use a light shadow from your immediate lid, all the way up to under your brow. Add a dramatic eyeliner on your top and bottom lid, smudge it in and out toward your outer eye area. Then take a sponge and clean it up. Add at least two coats of mascara and sweep that to the outer corners of your eyes. Go for three coats, for some extra flair. Add a blush in the same family or tone as your lip-gloss and nail polish, and you are ready to go!

Trend # 2. This look has a bit more drama and flash. Follow Trend # 1, then apply a color that is 3 to 5 shades darker than what you have put on your lid in the crease of your eye. Also use the darker color over your eye liner on the top and bottom of your lash line. Add more mascara and a really red lipstick.... You go, girl! This is a fantastic, fashionable and full of style look that anyone can rock! Be bold, be beautiful, be you!


Holiday Quick tips:

Nail Polish: For the holidays, always think a French.  It will go with anything.

Next let's talk about red, again. If you are wearing red lipstick, use a red polish.

Two incoming trendy colors are silver and camel. They both go with holiday colors. Use dark silver if you wear white gold or silver accessories or clothing. Go with camel if you are into golds and bronze tones.

Matching your toes to your fingers is a must! The only exception is if you wear a French.

Finally, make sure only to wear lipsticks and glosses that match or coordinate with your nails. Hide all others until after the holiday rush! Hope this helps!

Wishing you all a very safe and Happy Holiday & have a little extra dessert for me!

From our Family at Barelle To all Of You!

Happy Holidays Everyone!