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Barelle Cosmetics & Skincare was founded over a decade ago by a small group of accomplished Beauty Professionals and leading Chemists. Our goal was to develop cutting-edge formulations using the finest ingredients and to continually improve upon them. Our original plan was to distribute the line to world class Spas, Salons and through select retail locations. Our phenomenal success has prompted us to make Barelle's extraordinary products available to the general public through this website.

We know that you may be confused about which products are right for you. That's why we are dedicated to consumer education. Under the leadership of Master Cosmetologist, Virginia Alexander, we offer personalized advice regarding your specific needs including proper application of products and what kind of results to expect. Send your questions or concerns via email to or by clicking "Contact" in the upper right corner of any page and using our contact form, and our experts will recommend appropriate solutions.

Virginia says, "it is never too late to start taking care of your skin. Most damage can be repaired over time. Since skin naturally regenerates itself daily, it's not hard to see noticeable improvements when a healthy skincare regimen is practiced.

About Barelle Cosmetics